Are you looking for Car Tyres for your vehicle?


If you are looking for an authorised garage to buy car tyres, Blue Tyres is your one-stop solution. We stock a comprehensive range of tyres from premium-, mid-range and budget brands.

With so many tyre variants to choose from, selecting the right set of tyres for your vehicle can be difficult. Therefore, we suggest you come over directly to our facility. Our technicians will be happy to assist you in choosing the right tyres for your vehicle type - and your budget.

A short list of tyre brands that we store

Are you still searching for the best car tyres near me?

Well, check out some of our most popular tyre brands:

  • Bridgestone
  • Continental
  • Michelin
  • Pirelli
  • Yokohama
  • Toyo
  • Firestone
  • Avon

and many more...

Now you can buy car tyres Reading from our portal and schedule a tyre fitting appointment with us at the same time. Simply provide your car registration number or tyre size details in the online tyre selection tool and choose your favourites.

Types of tyre variants we retail

We retail several categories of tyres to suit individual customer preferences.

Winter units

Some specific features make them special: tread depth and pattern, biting edges, rubber compound, etc.

In icy conditions, the rubber compound of summer tyres hardens, and even all-season tyres cannot keep flexible enough during harsh winter conditions. This means, summer- and all-season tyres eventually fail to provide sufficient traction. In contrast, the special rubber compound of winter tyres is designed to remain flexible when temperatures drop. The deeper tread depth and unique pattern deliver sufficient traction on ice and snow. In addition, winter tyres are specifically designed to evacuate water and reduce aquaplaning.

Summer units

Summer tyres with their harder tread compounds provide enhanced grip on wet and dry roads. They significantly reduce rolling resistance and offer enhanced fuel efficiency. These tyres consist of a shallower tread depth compared to winter tyres and provide enhanced stability even at higher speeds. The ideal tyres once the temperatures rise above 7 degrees Celsius.

All-season tyres

They feature solid tread blocks arranged in a chevron-like pattern. The tyre compound is a mixture of summer- and winter variants. If you are not a high-mileage driver and live in an area with moderate summer- and winter temperatures, all-season tyres may be a good choice.

4x4 tyres- 4x4 made for SUV’s come in 3 different variants:

All-terrain- can be used on- and off-road (50/50),

Mud-terrain- offering excellent grip during off-road adventures

Highway-terrain– as the name suggests, their purpose is to provide optimal grip and driving comfort on normal roads, and motorways etc.

Apart from these variants, we also stock Performance- and Ultra-High Performance (UHP) tyres for sports- and prestige cars and run-flat units to cater to all the different customer needs.

Hence, feel free to choose Blue Tyres for your next tyre purchase or tyre replacement Reading.

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