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However, it is essential to have a clear idea about tyre sizes before buying or replacing your vehicle’s tyres.

Tyre codes can be quite confusing for most car-owners. At Blue Tyres, our team of technicians will help you understand these codes to find a suitable tyre for your vehicle.

How to read tyre sizes?

The alphanumeric code present on every tyre’s sidewall provides crucial information.

It consists of information about the following parameters:

Tyre width

The first three-digits show the width of a car tyre.

Aspect ratio

The following two numbers denote the Profile or Aspect Ratio of a tyre. To find this number, you need to divide the height of the sidewalls of a tyre with its width and then multiply it by 100.


Tyres are of three types based on their construction. Most tyres manufactured in the UK today are radial in construction. They are signified by ‘R’. The other two categories of tyres are bias belt (B) and diagonal-cross ply (D).

Wheel diameter

The size of the wheel rims in a tyre is signified by the next two numbers in the code sequence.

Load index

Every tyre comes with a respective load index. This shows how much weight a tyre can withstand when inflated to its maximum limit.

Speed rating

The maximum speed at which a car tyre can run with its optimum load capacity is denoted by the speed rating. Various alphabets denote different speed capacities. These are: ‘H’, ‘R’, ‘V’, ‘S’, ‘P’, ‘Q’, ‘R’, etc.

To understand this better, let’s go through this example: 205/60R15 91V

205 is the width of the tyre, measured in millimetres.

60 is the Aspect ratio or Profile.

R signifies that this tyre is of radial construction.

15 is the diameter of the wheel rim measured in inches.

91 is the maximum load capacity of the tyre.

V is the speed rating of the tyre. Here, the tyre has a speed rating of 148 miles per hour.

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