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Accurate wheel alignment is essential to ensure optimal on-road performance of your car. Wheel misalignment can lead to reduced fuel efficiency, accelerated and uneven tyre wear, and diminished car control, endangering your driving safety.

Therefore, experts recommend opting for regular wheel alignment checks.

Blue Tyres is a reliable car workshop offering precise wheel alignment Reading. Our experts are adept at working with advanced machines to check your car wheel angles and adjust them efficiently as per the manufacturer specifications.

Symptoms of misaligned wheels

  • Reduced or fluctuating fuel mileage
  • A vibrating steering wheel
  • Difficulty in maintaining a straight line when driving (car pulling to one side)
  • A crooked steering wheel
  • Decreased cornering precision
  • Uneven tyre wear
  • Vibrating wheels, etc.

It is ideal to opt for professional wheel alignment Reading at your earliest if you notice any of these above issues.

What do our experts check?

Caster: Your car’s steering axis angle, when viewed from its side, is known as the caster. It helps maintain a straight line and facilitates cornering precision and is essential for your on-road driving safety.

Camber: The inward or outward angle of your car wheels when viewed from the front is referred to as the camber. An accurate camber angle aligns with the car wheels’ centre line.

Toe: This angle refers to the car’s wheel angles going toward or away from the centre line from a bird’s eye perspective. Misaligned toe angles increase pressure on your car wheels, causing them to vibrate.

Why do you need a wheel alignment?

Jerks: Driving over speed bumps and through potholes at high speeds can affect your car’s wheel angles and demand professional wheel alignment in Reading.

Worn-out car parts: Worn-out suspension, tyres, etc., can exert increased pressure on the wheels, shifting their angles.

Height modifications: Adventure touring enthusiasts often modify vehicle height to suit their driving needs. In such cases, wheel angles also need necessary alterations based on the height changes. Otherwise, it adds increased stress on wheels and suspension and can result in hefty repair expenses.

Damaged suspension: Driving for prolonged periods with a damaged system inflicts considerable damage to the car wheels, disturbing their angles.

Unfavourable driving conditions: Driving frequently on rough terrains without necessary adjustments can also hamper your car wheel angles and diminish controlling precision.

Inaccurate tyre pressure: Inaccurate tyre pressure hinders optimal road-tyre contact, thereby restricting optimal weight distribution. This can result in misaligned wheel angles.

Faulty wheel fitting: Any lack of precision during previous wheel fitment can also be a reason for your car wheel misalignment. It is imperative to opt for a wheel alignment to restore your car’s wheel angles.

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