Are you looking for Performance Tyres Reading  for your vehicle?


Looking for unparalleled driving performance? Performance tyres are a must for your sports- or prestige car. Head over to us at Blue Tyres and buy performance car tyres Reading from our garage.

We also offer online orders via our website! So, if you cannot visit us at the moment, feel free to explore our extensive collection of car tyres Reading and place an order with us online. With your order you can also choose between garage- or mobile fitting.

Our collection of performance tyres Reading

At our facility, you will find a diverse range of performance tyres Reading from several famous brands like:

Furthermore, some names in our inventory remain all-time favourites among our customers. So, you can take a pick from the following best-selling performance car tyres Reading:

  • Goodyear EfficientGrip
  • Continental ExtremeContact ™

With us, you can stop scouring the internet for “performance tyres near me”.

Why should you buy performance tyres?

At Blue Tyres, we recommend buying performance tyres Reading for their salient features and benefits. Allow us to elaborate on how they can enhance your car’s performance:

Efficient heat dispersion

A performance tyre is engineered with a premium-quality rubber compound. It allows the tyre to withstand heat build-up so that it does not succumb under it. As a result, it exhibits increased longevity and reduced tyre wear.

Enhanced responsiveness

When equipped with any of our performance tyres Reading, your vehicle will react quickly to driving inputs from the suspension system and the ABS. So, you can be assured of enhanced responsiveness.

Superior handling

Performance tyres come with more rigid sidewalls. This feature facilitates improved traction at higher speeds. Additionally, the tyres feature a slightly softer rubber compound, ensuring truly exceptional handling. Furthermore, these characteristics allow performance tyres to offer shorter braking distances, thereby maximising your driving safety on the road.

So, remember - Performance tyres Reading – Blue Tyres!