Are you looking for Winter Tyres Reading for your vehicle?


In most areas of the UK, temperatures fall below 7°C during the winter season.

That’s why experts all around the country strongly advise car owners to opt for winter tyres.

Our experts agree and always encourage our customers to buy winter tyres Reading. The attributes of winter tyres make them capable of mitigating the risks caused by ice, snow and slush on the roads.

Blue Tyres is a highly reliable garage with a vast inventory comprising extensive stocks of car tyres Reading. Let us tell you more about winter tyres before giving you a glimpse of some of the top tyre models in our inventory.

What are winter tyres composed of?

Winter tyres Reading are composed of a higher natural rubber content, which means these tyres softer. Being composed of this uniquely developed compound, winter tyres provide more flexibility at low temperatures.

What are the benefits of winter tyres?

Wide tread grooves

Anyone who compares the treads of summer and winter tyres will immediately notice huge differences. The profile of the winter tyre has deeper and wider profile grooves (tyre channels). Snow settles in these grooves. And since nothing sticks to snow better than snow, grip increases.

Sipes in the tread

The tread surfaces of winter tyres have hundreds of fine grooves. When force acts on the tyre while it is moving, these sipes shift so that they protrude over each other (almost like a small staircase). In this way, the grip edges that are important for winter tyres are formed. They grip the structure of ice and snow and provide support. In addition, the grooves divert the water in heavy rain and thus reduce the risk of aquaplaning.

Softer rubber compound

Winter tyres are made from a significantly softer rubber compound. This is necessary because rubber hardens at low temperatures, and its grip on the road deteriorates. This is usually achieved through a higher proportion of natural rubber. In contrast to summer tyres, winter tyres show their best performance below 7 degrees Celsius.

A glimpse of some top models of winter car tyres available with us-

Below you can see some of our most popular models of winter car tyres Reading:

Pirelli ICE ZERO™ FR

Undoubtedly an excellent choice for those seeking high levels of driving comfort along with superb control and stability, the Pirelli ICE ZERO™ FR is engineered for sedans, SUVs and cars. The three-dimensional sipe technology employed in this tyre maintains the stability of tread blocks even at high speeds. In addition, this tyre features a directional tread pattern design that improves the grip on all surfaces, hence providing maximum traction.

Continental VikingContact™ 7

Stop being concerned about slippery road surfaces if you are, and opt for this tyre. The tyre’s new Nordic compound provides an outstanding grip on snow-covered and icy surfaces. This tyre features an innovative pattern design and excellent drainage capabilities, enhancing steering precision and mastering slush-planing in harsh conditions simultaneously. Three-dimensional Trapez Sipes with effective snow edges and varying thickness ensure superb braking performance and traction.

These were just two examples. Please have a closer look at this website. You can use our easy tyre finder section. Just type in your vehicle’s reg.-number and click on winter tyres. Within seconds you will see all the winter tyre models we have available. Once you have found your favourites, just confirm and reserve. You can at the same time also let us know when and where you would like to get your new tyres fitted. It’s easy!

See, you can now stop the time-consuming Winter tyres near me” searches and get in touch with us instead. Remember: Winter tyres Reading – Blue Tyres!