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Even a minute change in a vehicle’s tyre pressure can significantly affect its tread life and driving performance. Hence, to enjoy the optimal driving experience, it is imperative to maintain the recommended tyre pressure.

Experts recommend tyre pressure checks every two weeks, or at least once a month.

Since it is such an integral part of a vehicle’s well-being, Blue Tyres provides free tyre pressure check Reading to our customers.

Problems caused due to incorrect tyre pressure

The following are the most common driving and vehicle issues that one will encounter due to over or under-inflation.

    • Over-inflation decreases the area of contact between the tyre surface and road. This lack of contact affects a car’s steering response and handling performance.
    • Low tyre pressure causes its edges to wear out quicker than its centre. On the contrary, over-inflation causes the tyre’s centre to wear faster than its edges.
    • Both excessive and lack of pressure can reduce your vehicle’s braking efficiency.
    • Insufficient pressure drastically increases rolling resistance, exerting additional pressure on your vehicle’s engine and increasing fuel consumption.

How do we conduct a tyre pressure check?

    • First, our technicians will have a look at the tyre placard inside the vehicle or at the vehicle’s manual to find out its ideal tyre pressure.
    • After that, they will carefully remove the air valve cap of your car tyre and insert a pressure gauge.
    • They will then note down its reading and remove or fill air to reach the recommended psi level.

The whole procedure only takes a few minutes.

Instead of searching for the ‘best tyre pressure check near me’, visit our workshop at 173 Cardiff Rd, Reading RG1 8HD for a free tyre pressure check Reading. No appointment needed.