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Stop your search for ‘exhaust servicing near me’ with us. Blue Tyres is a prominent garage for exhaust repair Reading. Our well-versed mechanics conduct a comprehensive check to locate any recurring issues. We only stock and use OE-grade spares for replacements, if needed.

Symptoms of a malfunctioning exhaust system

Excessive noise

Is your vehicle’s exhaust rumbling louder than usual? A probable reason can be a corroded silencer, cracks in the pipe or leakage in the manifold gasket.

Visit us immediately to save yourself from hefty repair bills in the future.

Increased fuel consumption

Your car will demand more fuel to perform optimally due to its damaged exhaust system. Unfortunately, such a situation leads to more carbon emissions.

The stench of harmful gases

A damaged catalytic converter or a pipe leakage is the root of this problem. It calls for immediate action.

  • Book our exhaust service Reading service for an in-depth examination of your vehicle’s exhaust system.

Banging sound under the vehicle

If you come across a dragging tailpipe or silencer, don’t ignore it. The problem needs immediate rectification, and we are your go-to destination.

Misfiring engine

While there can be several reasons for a misfiring engine, one of them is your vehicle’s malfunctioning exhaust system. Any obstacle the system will not let the fumes escape from the chamber. Thus, the engine misfires.

Burning smell coming from the engine bay

A leak in your car’s manifold gasket produces a burning smell. You need to address the issue at the earliest.

Now that you know about the several tell-tale signs of a damaged exhaust system reach our garage exhaust repair Reading without any further delay in case you are experiencing any of them.

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