Auto Electrician

Job Title (2) Auto Electrician
Position Overview We are looking for highly skilled Auto Electrician technician who specializes in the electrical systems of automobiles, including cars, trucks and Hybrid / Electrical vehicles. Your primary responsibility is to diagnose, repair, and maintain electrical and electronic components in vehicles.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Diagnose issues related to the vehicle s wiring, sensors, ignition systems, lighting, power windows, alarms, and more.
  • Experience in Electrical System Diagnostics tools and equipment to identify electrical and electronic problems in vehicles.
  • Repair or replace malfunctioning or damaged electrical components and systems.
  • Install and configure new electrical systems or components, such as car audio systems, security systems, and lighting upgrades.
  • Inspect, repair, and replace damaged wiring, connectors, and electrical harnesses.
  • Ensure proper electrical connections and secure routing of wires.
  • Test, maintain, and repair the vehicle s battery, alternator, and starter systems.
  • Troubleshoot and address issues related to charging systems.
  • Repair or replace headlights, taillights, turn signals, and interior lighting.
  • Align and aim headlights for proper illumination and safety.
  • Diagnose and repair issues with ignition coils, spark plugs, and ignition control modules.
  • Ensure proper starting and engine performance.
  • Repair and maintain climate control systems, including heaters, air conditioning, and HVAC components.
  • Install, diagnose, and repair electronic systems, including GPS, Dashcams, infotainment, and car audio systems.
  • Address issues with keyless entry, alarms, and remote start systems.
  • Ensure that all electrical work adheres to safety standards and regulations.
  • Comply with manufacturer guidelines and industry best practices.
  • Maintain detailed records of all electrical work, including repairs, installations, and parts used.
  • Provide customers with accurate estimates and invoices.
  • Communicate with customers to discuss electrical issues, provide repair estimates, and explain necessary repairs.
  • Answer questions and provide guidance on vehicle electrical systems and upgrades.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest automotive electrical technology and diagnostic equipment.
  • Participate in training and professional development to enhance skills.
As a Auto electrician you have strong technical and problem-solving skills, as well as a good understanding of electrical and electronic systems in vehicles. Effective communication is also important for interacting with vehicle owners and providing excellent customer service.
Qualification Any technical degree or Diploma in mechanical or automotive will be a plus
Experience Required 4 Years
Salary £26,500 (Per Annum) Weekly Working Hours – 40 hours
Other Benefits Bonus, 24 Days Holiday and yearly training budget for career development
Location 173 Cardiff Rd, Reading RG1 8HD