Are you looking for Winter Check Reading for your vehicle?


As the temperatures start dropping, the numbers of car breakdowns and accidents rise. It is crucial to make sure that your car is ready to take on the challenges of driving in the winter months.

Therefore, to make your vehicle winter-ready, you should opt for a professional car winter check Reading from a reliable garage. Blue Tyres comes with a team of skilled technicians adept at performing comprehensive winter car service Reading at reasonable prices.

We also provide necessary replacements and refills to ensure you keep enjoying an optimal driving experience during the harshest time of the year.

What is included in our car winter check Reading?

Our professional car winter checks primarily focus on the following areas:

Car tyres

Winter roads can be quite difficult to drive on. Therefore, you must have the right set of tyres installed to smoothly drive on roads covered with snow, ice and sleet.

During our winter check we will have a look at your car’s tyres. A tread depth of 1.6 mm is mandatory. Experts recommend a minimum tread depth of 3mm. We also look for any kind of damage and make sure your tyres are inflated with the correct tyre pressure.

In case you would like to buy a new set of car tyres, we will be happy to assist you.


Winter days are characterised by reduced hours of daylight. Also, the weather is highly unpredictable. Driving safely in unfavourable conditions is impossible without properly functioning lights.

Our experts will inspect the headlights, indicators, fog lights, etc., and replace them with OE-grade spares if required.


It is essential to check the efficiency of your car’s battery before the onset of winter. Flat batteries occur quite frequently during the winter months due to the drop in temperatures. To make sure the car’s engine starts without any issues, and the electric consumers function the way they should, get the battery examined.


For maintaining a suitable engine temperature in winter, the water to antifreeze ratio must be 50-50. Therefore, our experts will assess the level of antifreeze and adjust it appropriately so that you enjoy the optimal performance even in the winter months.

Engine oil

As the temperatures begin to drop, the car’s engine oil tends to become thicker. As a result, it becomes more difficult for the engine oil to move, putting more strain on the battery. This affects the overall engine performance. We will check the engine oil and top it up/change it if necessary.

So, end your search for the ‘best car repairing garage near me’ and rely on Blue Tyres for top-notch car winter check Reading. Call us on 01189 507507 or visit our workshop at 173 Cardiff Rd, Reading RG1 8HD on any business day.